sumnixMy name is Alexey Tsepelev, also known as [‘sʌmnɪks], you can call me Alex.

I’m a designer and 3D modeler from Russia. The three-dimensional world is my passion from the moment I created my first teapot primitive back in 2002.

I have worked as a Graphic and Identity Designer, Product and Architechture visualizer, DTP Specialist, also created design and marketing consulting for advertisers.

Photography and MTB are my hobbies. CIELAB is the greatest colorspace, and panoramic wide is my view angle.

As far as programming is concerned, I like to automate any workflow by self-written scripts. Laziness drives all progress.

Feel free to contact me any time.

My curriculum vitae

The clients

  • Honda
  • TOMS Engineering
  • Autocenter Kuzmiha
  • Richard Hampton
  • Obviously
  • Skin Liberated
  • OMC Outdoor
  • Prime
  • WBB