vr/360 update

Update has finally come to my vr/360-section.
vr/360: Croatia Summer 2012

Now I have previews for all pictures and videos, so you can see what is behind the link. That is the right step forward. I wrote a bunch of Photoshop-scripts to generate the content and all seems to be semiautomatic for the moment.

Here, a few screenshots:

I wrote a few new features, like new Google map connection using the same APIv3, but much simplier to use. All extra-large materials are now displayed with fancybox (my new favorite lightbox), like big pictures and iframes. As a result, it is much easier now to navigate using keyboard.

I also killed the flash-based gallery I used for photography before, replacing it with simple grid of previews divided by days (example). I just forgot how to export new pictures into xml-file :) Cannot cope with it — reinvent your own wheel. Check. New database table and caching headers, and everything seems to work.

I hope this section became more usable.
Please take a look. I’m going to update the content soon.