Client: Honda-Irkutsk
Year: 2005-2011

I’ve been working with local Honda dealer for 6 years, since the day they opened the doors in 2005. There were a lot of everything in terms of design, corporate styles, adverts and interactive projects. Here are several series. For their maintenance service I’ve designed several leaflets, cards and posters, even a set of gifts for important customers (see below).


Folded leaflet Shockers discount. The cover says “Great suspension repair” in Russian. Visualization was based on a real table in the chill-out zone of the dealer’s showroom. The angle on the black spring still reminds me a theme from James Bond.

Gift set

The main background was made out of a tulle-like cloth and a red ribbon with a glass heart. And little bubbly hearts float on the red around Honda’s logo, looks good. It’s a rendered rendition, 3D inside 3D.
Wine bag + Candy box


Discount poster