Prime: Azure Skies

Name: Azure Skies (rus «Лазурные небеса»)
Client: DA Prime
Year: 2013

The project of the year that I’m still really proud of. This was an archviz of unfinished skyscraper named Azure Skies, which was supposed to be the highest in Kazan at that time.

And it was all just for me, all the 40 floors, 120 meters of glass/concrete, helipad on the roof, courtyard, underground parking, and this unknown city 4000 km away from me. The dream job for 2 months.
Right view

Many details have been added for the high-res rendering, perhaps too many. Most of it was built with Railclone and ForestPack+3dmentor’s trees.
Left view

GrowFX was used for the close-ups and AE+PS for the post-production.
Evening atmo

And the night shot was an unexpected “bonus”, nobody could assume that the client would ask this, yet they did. Was done in a very short time, after the deadline.
Night version