TOMS: New style

Client: TOMS Group
Years: 2007-2010

The group of companies works with minerals, doing research and designing factories. I won the logotype tender in 2007, and we got the contract to create a bilingual corporate identity, several logotypes for all subsidiaries of the group and their website. We also designed an illustrated booklet, exhibition stands and a few common redesigns. I was the lead on all visual and interactive work and also worked as the photographer.

The letterhead was used as a mail template. There was a slightly different design for documents. Business cards were also created. Everything was in four variants: bilingual plus for full color and black and white print. Redesigns: from malachite green and spread forms to light and narrow forms.
Cards + letterheads

The guidebook was in square format. It contained all necessary information about the logo style and its correct usage. The direct bonded folder had a semi-reflective stripe and inside pocket for a business card. Bilingual leaflets also went through common style redesigns.
Guidebook + folder + leaflets

The guidebook pages are shown below. There was a booklet that resembled the format of the guidebook but included other content and was a bit wider.