Kuzmiha: Customer programs

Client: Kuzmiha Service
Year: 2009

Continuing our work with Kuzmiha, our task was to create a common style for new customer programs. I took part in naming and the creation of general concepts. I also designed the logotypes (this step was made during New style), printed materials for the local distribution, outdoor billboards and other small stuff. Each logotype contains the main stylized K-wing in red and the unique shortcut box of the program.

Kuzmiha Premium

The Premium program had to be prestigious: for regular customer and so-called VIPs. “Give us something sparkly”, the client said. So I chose to model the metallic ribbed 3D surface for the background. Products included a plastic membership card, a brochure about the program and benefits, and a folder of materials.
Kuzmiha Premium

Kuzmiha Optima

The Optima and Express programs were for customers with some bonuses onboard, Plus was a viral program, Rayon for local customers. The idea was simple: to use the salt lake from a series of outdoor advertising (mostly, billboards made by me) and a 3D logo to represent the program. Three outdoor flags for the programs can be seen as an example.
Kuzmiha Flags