Kuzmiha: New style

Client: Kuzmiha Service
Year: 2009

I have worked with Kuzmiha since 2006. They are an old car service based in Irkutsk, are the official dealer of Honda (almost all product marks), and partners of Castrol, Hertz, and others. In this project I redesigned the old K-logotype, made a new corporate design, print-, press-, POS materials, outdoors and other small stuff like a car number plate design. See additional subproject Kuzmiha: Customer programs which is in the same style.


The guidebook was never printed as a book, only a digital copy. It gives the main rules on how to use the design, all versions of the logotype, placement, numbers, fonts in order to be unique on the market. I created a badge with a simple version of the graphic part of the logotype, the so-called K-wing. The DVD contained all the materials.

I also created letterhead for mail and documents with Lorem-Ipsum content, a diagnostic sheet for servicemen, two envelopes (euro- and C4-type) and business cards for their office needs.

Everything had two variants for full color and black and white print.


The datebook with impressed logotype had a special version of this. Pens were made that had two designs for different types of cases, one of them can be seen in the render below (two sided), both with logo and contacts.