Going Full Yellow

Extra! Extra! Read all about it! I’m kidding, just wanted to let you know that the blog is still alive. And now it’s time to present, at last, something new that I did in the last two years. I joined the team of Yellow Images in April 2015 to create exclusive 3D models for everyone who loves sports and needs simple but high-quality mock-ups to showcase awesome designs for teams and athletes.
Poster for Yellow Images

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Chain lock

Fooling around with the chain lock.


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Maxscript ScreenOffset

It is so damn good to finish something that properly works, even a simple maxscript that do nothing but moving sub-elements by an offset value. Here it is. I called it ScreenOffset and it is ready for publishing at beta-version 0.2.Maxscript ScreenOffsetToday it is public.

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Men’s shirt customizer

Do you know how to represent 12 shirt fashions with 80+ fabrics and multiple interchangeable parts? Let me show you my implementation of a customizable men’s shirt.

Men's shirt customizer poster

In introduction, one company made a good website with an easy-to-pick-the-right-shirt design and presentable 3D model of a business men’s shirt. I liked everything: stitches, real-looking bends and, of course, all the materials. Other manufacturers began to cry outloud “We want that, too!” So it became a whole new industry project for me, making a customizable men’s shirt for the Richard Hampton.

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Restoring 3ds Max’s window while rendering

3ds Max always annoys me when it deadly hides in the tray during the rendering and never wants to maximize its window once it’s hidden. Is it shy? Or it saves my nerves forbidding to look at the progress? Or is it just greedy for RAM? No. I think it is just made that way.

Of course you can invoke “Windows Task Manager” by Ctrl+Shirt+Esc, then hit “Applications” tab, then “Bring To Front” 3ds Max’s window. But I am lazy for these three steps and I know I can do it fast but it is not as fast as a single click on the button that is always on the side of screen. So today I found another way and integrated the result into my Rainmeter skin.

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